5K-ansas university

I’ve been trying all month to train for a 5K that my mom and I were planning on running on April 30th. The race was originally scheduled for February but got rescheduled for April due to the weather. I was really looking forward to running in it because it was going to be the first official 5K I’ll run while pregnant.

The race was to take place in Lawrence, Kansas, which is not too far from my parent’s home, but still a decent drive. Lawrence happens to be where the University of Kansas is located. I should also mention that although I have a decent sense of direction, whenever my mom and I go somewhere we’ve never been before we almost always get lost. We didn’t completely get lost this time, but we had a very hard time finding the race, and once we did, there wasn’t really a race to run. The area was between the river and some train tracks and there wasn’t anyone there who looked like they were putting on a race. I wasn’t too excited about running by the river anyway. I swear Google maps made it look like we would be running in a park.

We decided that since we had driven all the way out to Lawrence and we were dressed to run that we might as well run somewhere. I had never seen the KU campus so we decided to run around it. Usually I don’t enjoy running somewhere I’ve never been before, but running around the campus sounded like a lot of fun. It turned out to be incredibly hilly – probably the hilliest run I’ve ever done (definitely the hilliest since I’ve gotten pregnant). Part of it was really fun; I enjoyed seeing the campus and running with my mom, but I did not enjoy the hills so much.


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