count down to baby

I was talking to my mom and she suggested I write down the events that happened before the baby arrives. It’s probably something that won’t be done every day, but whenever there’s something worth mentioning I’ll add it.

Sometime around week 36 (August 17th) I started working on an activity gym. I got the idea out of frustration with not being able to find an activity gym that I liked that wasn’t $80. I thought it had to be possible to make my own for a lot less. Anyway, sometime during week 36 we went to Lowe’s and the fabric store and I began the project.

Aug 27 (37 weeks, 6 days): I was invited to meet up with a new mom’s group. We met at the park and I was the only pregnant “mom” there. I had a lot of fun, but it was very overwhelming being around a lot of babies. It made me realize that I haven’t been around or held a baby since my twin cousins were born – and they’re 13 now. Afterward, Paul and I went shopping for patio furniture. Apparently, I was hungry because I grabbed a box of granola bars and ate all of them.

Aug 28: Today we went to a work party for Paul’s office. Everyone surprised us with a baby shower, which we were not expecting. We were both a little overwhelmed with the party and being around a lot of little kids (most of the kids are under 10-years-old), but overall it was fun.

Aug 29: Got my braces off today!

Aug 30: Started having contractions around 9:00/10:00AM that went on every hour – hour 1/2 til about 4:00PM. Of course I freaked out and made Paul come home from work. He had the car and it was raining, so I wasn’t sure if I’d have to go to the doctor’s office and I wasn’t going to walk in the rain. Fortunately, I felt well enough by 5:00PM to go to swimming. After swimming I stopped by the breastfeeding fair at the hospital.

Aug 31 (38 weeks): Today I had my 38 week appointment. I was 1cm dilated and 80% effaced, so my midwife said it could be a couple of days or a few weeks still.

Sept 1: We made it to September! I had a lot of errands to do and it was very hot out, so I think I overdid it by the end of the day. I thought it would be a good idea to get a manicure and pedicure, which ended up not being a great idea. The baby did not like the massage chair during the pedicure, so I had to turn it off and they didn’t have the air conditioning on in the store, so I was unbearably hot the whole time. The manicure started to chip off the next day, so I was disappointed in the whole experience. After I got home I started having contractions around 2:30PM. Paul went to get the car seat checked at the police station while I stayed home. I was hoping to go to swimming, but the contractions were too uncomfortable. Paul’s parents sent us a video camera as a birthday present, so he thought it would be a fun idea to video tape me while I had contractions, but I wasn’t too into that. The contractions seemed to stop around 9:00/10:00PM, but I still didn’t feel 100% better.

Sept 2: Still having contractions, but they’re sporadic and the baby’s still kicking a lot. I tried to finish my sewing projects, but I sewed my finger and had to go to the emergency room (I also ran out of thread). I was pretty disappointed in the emergency room experience. I wasn’t exactly expecting an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but I was at least expecting some concern about the baby when we went in. It ended up not being a big deal; I guess I didn’t really hurt my finger as much as I thought I had. The contractions finally stopped around 9:00PM and I was able to sleep through the night (minus the trips to the bathroom).

Sept 3: Finally finished the activity gym!

Of course, as soon as I had posted this I started having contractions again. Paul had gone to the football game and came home early because they were more intense and closer together. However, once he got home they stopped.

Sept 5: I thought we were going to have a relatively boring Labor Day, but I started having contractions around 2:30 that were difficult to time and lasted for a long time (longer than contractions should last). I called the hospital to see if I should go in or if there was something I should be doing (I was trying to lay down, but that wasn’t working very well) and they suggested I come in. Of course nothing was wrong and after being there for 3 or 4 hours we went home. I guess the baby moves a lot and he moves while I’m having a contraction, which makes it stronger and last longer. After we got home everything calmed down and I haven’t had any contractions since.

Sept 9: Not a whole lot has happened since Labor Day. Lately, I’ve been feeling more tired and wanting to take a nap rather than doing any more “nesting”. On Thursday, after swimming, I was pretty tired and I just had the feeling that the baby would be coming soon. It was a different feeling than I had had before – most of those were hopeful, let’s-get-this-kid-out kinds of feelings. This was more of a calm feeling. I was up about every hour and 1/2 because I had to use the restroom, but also because the baby was moving a lot and it was pretty uncomfortable. Most of Friday I spent on the couch with the cat. He seems pretty indifferent when I’ve played baby noises for him, so I hope that’s a good sign. I took some pictures of him and decided that if the baby is going to come soon, I should take some pictures of my belly, since I haven’t really done that yet.


Sept 12: I think we’re reaching the most boring part of the whole pregnancy. Paul’s leave from work started today, so he’s been around all day. We were kind of expecting to have the baby already, so we’re running out of things to do. He at least has some work and the pond to work on. I’ve been feeling relatively the same; mostly tired and ready to move on to the next stage. Since we were bored we put the cat in the Moby wrap. Surprisingly, he didn’t seem to mind being in there as much as we thought he would.

Sept 13: I had another weekly appointment today, which was disappointing because I haven’t made nearly as much progress as I had hoped. I’m about 90% effaced, but I’m still only 1cm dilated and apparently the baby “disengaged”. Last time he was at 0 station, but now he’s at -1, which basically means he’s running back in, which is the opposite direction I’d like him to run. I think the sudden change in the weather scared him back in.

Sept 14: Well the due date came and went. I guess the nice thing about knowing that I haven’t made a whole lot of progress is that I’ve been less stressed out and have been able to sleep better at night. I think I’ve reached the point that it will happen when it happens and I should stop trying to figure it out. It’s still a bit frustrating. Until then, I will be going on a walk every day.

Sept 20: Nothing’s happened in the last week, so we had another appointment. This time we had an ultrasound and a non-stress test, both of which affirmed that the baby is very happy staying in there. Fortunately, I’m 2cm dilated and have started having contractions again (although they’re not regular and are hard to time). I have another appointment on Friday, if we make it that far, for another non-stress test and to talk about inducing. My midwives are comfortable letting the baby go to 42 weeks, which would be the 28th (my birthday), so that’s probably when we’d induce. I think having appointments close together helps my mood because it gives me something to look forward to. This last weekend was really hard. No matter what I did I would start crying. We even went to a movie on Sunday to get out of the house and give us a distraction and I cried during the first hour. Everything was getting to me. For now, though, I’m feeling pretty good.

Sept 23: I’m still feeling pretty good. We went in for another appointment and had another non-stress test. The baby really likes being in there, so we have opted to induce. We’ll be going in on Monday at 7:30AM, unless he decides to come before then. I’m 2cm dilated, 90% effaced, and the baby’s still at 0 station. I decided I didn’t want to wait until the 28th to induce, but that Monday (the 26th) would be better because it will still give him some time to come on his own and will still guarantee us a September baby. It also gives us one last weekend alone. Hopefully this weekend will be a little happier than last weekend. I’ve been going on a walk just about every day, which doesn’t seem to be doing much, but it at least gets me out of the house and gets my mind of things. We had some friends over who also have a baby and I was interested to see how the cat did with the baby. Unfortunately, he was pretty upset, so that doesn’t leave me very confident when we bring the baby home.

Sept 24: My husband and I spent a few hours with my mom’s group in the afternoon. He looked a little out of his element when he held a friend’s baby. That night he went to a Mountain Goats concert and at 12:56AM on September 25th my water broke.


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