month 1: hello Kiddo!

Our first month with Kiddo was, by far, the hardest. It took a little while for both Paul and I to adjust to Kiddo’s demands. As I said in my count down to baby post, I don’t think I had held a baby in probably 13 years before Kiddo came along. And for Paul, I don’t even know if he had ever held a baby before.

We both had different reactions to Kiddo (and the stress that came along with him). For the first few weeks, I could spend the whole day staring at him. My maternal instincts also took some getting used to. My initial reaction to any sort of stress was to take Kiddo and run away. We even spent one night in the guest room because something Paul had done had set me off in the middle of the night. It seems silly now looking back on it.

It took Paul a little longer to fall in love with Kiddo. I think it takes all new dads a bit longer than moms. Paul was lucky to have three months leave from work during this time, but he had different expectations than I did of how that time would go. Like any other newborn, Kiddo was pretty unresponsive during the first month, and that was hard on Paul.

Even though Kiddo was mostly a “bump on a log” during the first month, I tried to get out of the house as much as I could. We went on a lot of walks and to the library a lot. I was lucky to have met a group of other new moms through my pre-natal aerobics class. That was something that really helped boost my mood and gave me a ton of encouragement.


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