month 2: over the hill

Happy Thanksgiving, Kiddo is two months old now! A lot has changed since his last update!

He has started to smile! I think it was on Halloween that he first smiled at me. It was still hard to tell if it was a real smile or gas, but it felt so good. Smiling has helped improve Paul’s reaction to Kiddo, since he’s a bit more interactive.

Speaking of Halloween, Kiddo went as an elephant. We did go trick-or-treating simply because we had the costume, but we didn’t get any candy. It was mostly a chance for us to take a walk with another family. Kiddo also makes the cutest “elephant noises”, so the costume was a perfect fit. If you would like to see 22 seconds of those super cute noises, you can follow this link.

In other news, he’s also started playing a lot! I made him a playmat while I was still pregnant and, although he can’t quite grab the toys just yet, he enjoys looking at everything. My mom gave us a star that lights up and plays music and he loves that as well.

I also found two swings on Craigslist ($15 for both!) that we’ve started using. We had bought one of those rocker chairs, but it wouldn’t rock on its own, so I spent too much time rocking it and decided we needed to try a swing. It’s worked pretty well for naps (which are in no way regular yet) and he loves looking at the lights and listening to the music. (Pardon his unmatched outfit in this last picture; we decided at the last-minute to do monthly pictures).


Thanks for stopping! I love to hear your comments :)

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