that’s not justin bieber, that’s my mother

I decided to take the plunge and chop off all my hair. I’ve often thought about doing it, but I never had the guts. Lately, I’ve wearing it up since it needed to be cut and looked awful when it was down. It was a complete last-minute decision to go that short, but I figured I should just go for it. When I came home and got the baby up from his nap he looked at me with a why-is-Peter-Pan-in-my-bedroom-and-what-has-he-done-with-my-mom look. Once I fed him he didn’t seem to care. I haven’t decided how I feel about the cut. I’m still getting used to it. It’ll grow eventually if I decided it’s not for me, it’s just hair. What does everyone else think?

As for my run today…I didn’t go very far, just a quick 1.3 miles. I didn’t go yesterday and I probably won’t be able to go tomorrow, so I thought I probably should go, even if it was pretty short. It was a pretty gorgeous day out for November, but still a bit chilly. I debated on wearing a hat, since I’m relatively new to running without much hair for warmth. I decided to go without and I was glad I did. My hands were still freezing because I cannot seem to find my gloves. Anyway, I love running when it’s nice and crispy out and the leaves have fallen off the trees. If it’s even the tiniest bit sunny it makes for perfect running weather.


2 thoughts on “that’s not justin bieber, that’s my mother

  1. Cute cute cute! Love the haircut, can’t wait to see it in person! And I agree, chilly days (but without snow and ice) are the best for running. You’re making me so jealous, I need to get some runs in again!


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