let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

OK, I wasn’t being too creative when I came up with that title, but I found it fitting. Tonight I ran (almost) 2.5 miles – in the snow! There really wasn’t that much snow, but it was more than I usually run in. I realized that I have been making excuses not to run. First it rained, then it snowed a little. Then I decided I needed to find my gloves, but never started looking. Today I decided I would just go.

As I got going, though, I thought to myself, “This is very enjoyable”. It was the exact opposite reaction I was expecting. I’m not really a fan of being cold or wet (and definitely not at the same time). I didn’t even know it was snowing until I went outside. The snow hit my face perfectly – just cold enough that you know it’s there, but not so cold and wet that you’re miserable. It wasn’t too windy either and I think that helped. Enough about the weather.

Running at night was also a different experience for me. I liked the peaceful quiet of running at night. Even though it was sometime around 6:00PM it seemed much later. All the houses were dark and a bunch had their Christmas lights up. I had put on my usual running playlist before I left, but I wished I had chosen Christmas music instead. Another great thing I discovered about night running – nobody can tell when you’re singing along to the Spice Girls!

I did end up cutting the run short, which is why I didn’t quite make 2.5 miles (more like 2.4). By the time I got to the 2 mile corner where I have to decide to continue on or head home, my phone was telling me I had been out for 27 minutes (and I call myself a runner?) already. Really I’m not too disappointed. I figure it’s better to go slow than not go at all. However, I was also starting to feel a bit tired, so I thought it’d be better to head home.

I also made a decision while I was running tonight. I am going to challenge myself to run (outside – the treadmill doesn’t count) once a week this winter. That might not sound like anything to most runners, but I usually hibernate during the winter. I think this challenge can only make me a better runner. Or I’ll slip on some ice and break my neck. We’ll just have to see what happens!


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