month 3: milestones

Happy Holidays! On Christmas Day, Kiddo turned 3 months-old! Check out our tiny tree!

Shortly after Thanksgiving we purchased an excersaucer from Craigslist (the best $5 we ever spent). I wasn’t sure if we wanted one (or the swings we ended up buying either), but all Kiddo wants to do is stand. It makes it very hard to get any blogging done, when I have to hold him to stand all day. He loves the excersaucer!

Another change that I’ve mentioned here before, is that he has now found his thumb. At first I didn’t really know what to think about that. People think that it can become a habit that’s hard to break, but I’m starting to like the fact that he can use it to soothe himself. He usually tends to do it whenever he his tired or hungry.

I think the biggest milestone we’ve seen between month 2 and 3 is that (don’t hate me) Kiddo now sleeps through the night! This doesn’t happen every night, but if he does wake up it’s usually only once. We started giving him a bottle on the nights he wakes up. I’ve been pumping since week 3, so I built up a pretty decent freezer stash.

When Kiddo started sleeping better we thought we’d try moving him to his own room. Originally it was only going to be one night, but the next day I found myself moving all of his furniture out of our room. Paul and I also started trading nights, so we’re finally able to get sleep again.

I’ll stop bragging about how well my baby sleeps. To be honest, I was expecting Kiddo to share our room until he was closer to 6 months old, but since he sleeps so much better in his own room I’m not complaining. It does make me kind of regret buying the pack-n-play though. We could have just co-bedded for the first two months if I knew he’d be in his crib so fast. Oh well, we’ll probably need it for the next one. I don’t think we’ll be that lucky to have two good sleepers!


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