no jacket required

Other than the lack of leaves on the trees, you would have no idea that it was January in Iowa.

This is more like the January I’m used to. The poor cat (he looks so small!).

Yesterday it was 58º out, so as soon as Paul got home from work, I ran out the door. I didn’t even take my phone. I normally always take it, but being such a nice day I just wanted to be outside. I just felt like running. I wore a T-shirt! I’m starting to regret buying new winter running clothes.

(Pardon my hair. Lately I’ve been looking like a sad character from a Charles Dickens’ novel and this is the best I could do.)

Anyway, my run was not the greatest and it was my own fault. First, I should have worn long sleeves. My arms were very cold. However, what caused me to cut my run short was my lack of energy. I didn’t eat nearly enough before running and I knew it. I maybe could have gone a bit farther, but when I got close to downtown I started to smell food and I had to head home. Then we ordered a pizza and I ate over half of it.

I do have a bit of news that I’m excited about, though. I signed up for the Red Flannel Run in February. I decided I really need some motivation and doing a race in a month seemed like the perfect thing. I’ve also picked out the races I would like to do this year. I would like to do the IMT Des Moines Marathon in October, so I picked a few that will work with training for that. I tried to pick races that sounded fun. Here’s my list:

Red Flannel Run (3 miles) – February

Doughnut Run (5K) – April

Midnight Madness (10K) – July

Prairie Fest (5 or 10K) – August (tentative)

IMT Des Moines (Marathon) – October


3 thoughts on “no jacket required

  1. I just caught up on your latest posts and I’m so impressed by all the running you’re doing! I know I have a zillion and one reasons (excuses) as to why it’s been too difficult to run on a regular basis with a baby, but maybe I need to step it up a bit. I really miss my runs and reading about all the running you’re doing has me itching to get out there more. You’re truly an inspiration with this!


    • Thanks, S! I think I’ve impressed myself this winter with all the running I’ve been doing. The nice weather helps a ton – there’s no way I would’ve been out there the past two winters! Running is the only time I get to be by myself and think anymore :)

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