month 4: plateau?

Happy 4 months Kiddo!

Although, there have been some new milestones reached this month, it’s hard to think we haven’t hit a plateau. Things seem to happen at a snail’s pace sometimes and it’s hard to know the exact days/times when new milestones have been hit.

For example: Kiddo definitely smiles more (especially at Paul now) and he can grab his toys and play with things. However neither of these things happened overnight, so it wasn’t as if there was an instant change.

One thing that was an instant change was rolling over. Kiddo has rolled from Tummy Time to his back. Even despite a super low camera battery, I was able to catch his second roll, and you can see it here.

Oh, another thing that changed this month was napping. At the beginning I was fine setting him in his swing to nap. However, he would never nap for very long and would be fussy all day. So I decided we’d work on napping in the crib whenever he seemed tired. After a few weeks of winging it, I finally set up a nap schedule for him that seems to have worked out well.


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