tread lightly and don’t forget the tissues

It’s cold out again. And slippery. I don’t have a whole to say about my runs this past week. Oh, except that I ran 4 miles the other day! Otherwise, I’ve just been keeping up with training and it’s been going well (just uneventful). My 5K is coming up on Saturday, and I’m starting to look forward to running for running’s sake and taking a break from training.

I do have two things to mention. First, I’d like to thank the people who shovel their sidewalk, even when there isn’t much snow. I’ve started making a game out of running between the shoveled/un-shoveled houses, but it’s not exactly ideal. I very much appreciate when sidewalks are shoveled. I’m sure my fellow sidewalk runners feel the same. It’s dangerous out there.

Secondly, I wanted to express my appreciation to those runners I have crossed paths with these last few days. Especially when it is cold out, I get a huge boost of energy when I see other runners. The other day I did a simple 2 miles and I really wanted to stop around mile 1. I had dropped my tissue and it was cold and I just wasn’t having fun anymore. Then I saw two other runners and I was encouraged to keep going.

Anywho, that’s all for now, here’s the Kiddo!


One thought on “tread lightly and don’t forget the tissues

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