news, galore

There are a few new things happening that I’d like to draw your attention to!

1. I have updated the layout. I think it reflects a bit more of my personality and looks much fresher. The gray background was a little dreary, so I decided it was time for an update. The new layout should be easier to read, search, and is all around happier. Hopefully things will look a bit sunnier around here!

2. With the new layout, I have added a new KIDDO page. This page will take you to my month-by-month Kiddo updates, pictures, and video links. So, if you’re more interested in Kiddo updates, head there. In general I’m hoping this will break up the “Today my run was <insert adjective>, here’s a picture of the Kiddo” monotony. I am currently working on the first few monthly updates there. Done! I’m also going to start a “monday memories” series. It should be fun!

3. You can now follow runbobbierun on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! Just follow the links below.

                                                                 Follow Me on Pinterest

4. Along with the new layout, I have updated my blogroll (on the right). I narrowed down the list to include the blogs I enjoy reading on a regular basis, which is why most of them aren’t running related. Like any other normal person, I have other interests besides running! I’d go crazy if that was all I thought about all day :)

5. Lastly, I am planning on posting new updates on Thursdays. This doesn’t really affect you as a reader, I just wanted to put that information out there so you will know when to expect updates. Currently, I blog whenever I feel like it, but I think this will be better all around!

That’s all for now…I have a 5K tomorrow, wish me luck!


Thanks for stopping! I love to hear your comments :)

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