as promised…race update!

Race: Red Flannel Run 2012

Date: February 11, 2012

Place: Des Moines, Iowa

Cost: $25

Event: 3 mile

Pre-race training: I trained for 4 weeks prior to the race using this training schedule that I found here. I had to take about a week off because I was sick, but otherwise I stuck to it.

Race number: 4th total, 3rd 5K

Route details: Mostly flat through the downtown area. Here is a map. 

Weather: COLD! Although it’s been a very mild winter, the day of the race was by far one of the coldest. The high for the day was 26º, but it felt like 3º (it was probably 10º out during the race). It was sunny  and that helped tremendously! I was a little glad it was cold, because the only red flannel I own is a heavy coat, which I wouldn’t have worn if it was much warmer.

Thought’s during the race: “Holy cow, that girl is wearing shorts!” “__ done only __ more to go.” “Keep a steady pace, don’t try to out-do yourself”

Thought’s after the race: “Let’s go home where it’s warm and take a nap!”

Pros & Cons of the race amenities: I really enjoyed the race and over all I have mostly positive things to say about it. The race took place at the YMCA and since it was cold out the post-race stuff took place inside the gym. The organizers were also nice enough to let Paul and Kiddo hang out in the gym during the race (I didn’t really think that would be a problem, but I asked anyway). There was also a lot of food after the race.

My only cons about the race were that although I signed up in advance by the time I picked up my packet they were out of small shirts. This only bothered me because I figured that signing up (and paying) in advance should save your shirt size. I ended up getting a medium, which really isn’t too big, so it wasn’t a big deal. Also, I didn’t receive an email reminder until the day before the race and I have yet to receive any information on where to find the results or pictures (I actually had to Google the results myself). That’s not a huge deal, but it would make my life a little easier if I was given a heads up.

Post-race celebration: The race happened to be during nap time, so we had to hit the road pretty soon afterward, but as I said the food was pretty good (bagels, yogurt, fruit, breakfast burritos, Powerade). I ordered some pizza as a reward, but it wasn’t very good (that’s what I get for getting the $8 pizza in the shape of a heart). Oh well. Then Kiddo and I took a much needed nap. Later, after Kiddo went to bed, Paul and I enjoyed a glass of wine.

Final time: 29:52 (10 minute miles!)

Ranking: 201 (out of 2000+), 33rd in age group

Run it again? Sure, maybe not next year, but I wouldn’t rule it out completely.

How about you? Any fun races coming up?

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3 thoughts on “as promised…race update!

  1. Ahhh, you’re killing me here!! This makes me want to do a race so badly! I guess the first step will just be getting out the door for a run. period. As soon as it’s above 40 and I can run with C., it’s on! And then we should meet up for some runs together!


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