month 5: smile baby smile

Oh my goodness, Kiddo is 5 months-old now!

As I said last month, things don’t seem to be happening overnight. However, in comparison to last month Kiddo is doing more every day! He’s working very hard on sitting by himself, but is still not quite there. He also recognizes Paul a lot more than he used to. Now, when Paul comes home from work, Kiddo gets very excited and giggles A LOT. Actually, Paul gets him to giggle so much during diaper changes I sometimes find myself jealous.

He also has gotten very loud over the past month. It used to be that we could leave him to play on his excersaucer for a while and he would be very content. That’s still true to some extent. Lately, however, he seems to know when he hasn’t received much attention and gets very LOUD. He likes to bang his phone and talk loudly until someone picks him up. [At this very moment, I am furiously trying to write as quickly as I can, because he’s sitting on my lap talking VERY LOUDLY]. I think he must be doing it when he is bored, or tired, or wet…basically all day. Oh well…

This month Kiddo also started paying more attention to the story at the library’s baby program. The first time I took him, he was only 3 or 4 weeks old, and he slept the entire time. Now he enjoys the whole program. His favorite part is the closing song, which includes some clapping, feet tapping, and hopping. I’ve also noticed that he pays more attention whenever he’s being read to. It’s very cute. At the library he sits very quietly and watches the instructor read the book, as if he’s in school. At home it’s a different story, but we can usually manage to get through one board book before he’s squirming.

Kiddo also got to try food this month! Our pediatrician said it was fine to start giving him tastes of food whenever he seems interested.  For some reason, solid foods give me a huge headache. I also refuse to try rice cereal. I guess I figure if I won’t eat it, he probably won’t either. Since the pediatrician suggested it, I felt as if bites were probably OK if we were already making something he could eat. So far he has tried avocado, bananas, oatmeal, and the lick of an apple. I think he liked avocado and bananas the best.

Lastly, we’ve started saying “Good Night” at nap time and bedtime. I go around the house with him and wave goodbye to the house and he holds up his hand to wave too. He can’t quite figure out how to make it work, but he stares at my hand, and then back to his hand, and you can just tell the wheels are in motion. He’s also become very squirmy all the time…which is actually why I will have to go right now…he’s going to squirm right off my lap!


2 thoughts on “month 5: smile baby smile

  1. Bobbie, your description of Thomas’ day was such a day brightener for me. As I read, I imagined just how he looked and acted. We so look forward to seeing him in person–a handsome and bright boy.

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