a little horn tooting

Kiddo and I just got back from walking to the park, running at the park, and running home. I think all combined, we traveled just under 9 miles. I’m starting to enjoy all this nice weather.

Schönes Wochenende!


memory monday: fork

I’ve been doing the March photo-a-day challenge and today’s prompt is fork. There’s a giant fork in our town, so we decided to check it out. Do you live near any cool statues?

Oh, and if you’re interested in seeing my other photo-a-day pictures (and pictures of Kiddo), you can check out my feed here. Enjoy!

friday confessions

Confession #1: I haven’t cleaned the house in a long time. A really long time. Kiddo and I are going to spend our Friday getting the house cleaned because Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) are coming to visit next week for spring break. At least that’s the plan.

This may not look that messy to you, but it’s been driving me nuts for the past week.

Confession #2: I don’t read running blogs. I wish I could read running blogs, but almost every one I’ve tried to read I’ve hated. It’s super hypocritical of me to say that, since I write a running blog and all, and I apologize. It is one of my (many) faults.*

That being said, last night I found a running blog I actually like. It’s Cotton T Runners, written by Chelsea. It’s a relatively new blog, so I thought I’d give her a shout-out. I think she’s got a pretty good idea going on so be sure to check it out! (I don’t want to give it away, you’ll have to follow the link to find out :)

On his first walk in the stroller. He was so tiny back then! (Those overalls don’t even fit anymore!)

Confession #3: I’ve been too lazy to take Kiddo out for a run in the jogging stroller :( However, these two ladies (S. and Ashley) have encouraged me to attempt a run with the stroller this weekend. I’m looking forward to that tomorrow!

That’s my weekend plan, what’s yours?

Note*: I try really hard to include a few non-running tidbits in each of my posts. I think what I find monotonous about running blogs is the “today I ran <this> far, it was <insert adjective> “, so I try to stay away from writing about that. A few of my early posts were like that, and I wasn’t happy with the direction the blog was going. Running is where I come up with a lot of my ideas for posts, so that is why my blog is centered around running. In no way do I think my blog is better than anyone else’s, I just had trouble finding similar blogs that I wanted to read, so I thought I’d write my own.

scandalizing your grandma

This past week we were in Arizona visiting Paul’s family. His grandma has a condo, so we flew down and met up with his parents and aunt and uncle there. It was really nice to see everyone because they live pretty far away and most of them hadn’t met Kiddo yet.

Overall, the trip was great; however, by the end of the trip I was ready to get back to my normal schedule (i.e. Kiddo must sleep in his own room). I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal to go back to sharing a room with him, but by the end of the trip I was starting to feel like I needed a vacation to recover from my vacation. It also didn’t help that he seemed to be teething (although, we have yet to see evidence of that). Oh, well…such is life with kids I guess.

Anywho…we spent the week catching up with family and doing a few excursions around town. I also got 3 runs in, which were awesome! The weather was perfect for running; mid 60s and sunny most days. The first day I ran the main loop of the condo park, which ended up being 3 miles. I decided to do the same route on my second run and 2 miles on my third day. I was pretty happy with that. On vacations in the past I would have skipped running altogether, but now it seems like that’s one of the best parts of vacation. It’s the only time I’m completely alone. Such is life with kids :)

The funny thing about running in the condo park were the reactions I received. I’m used to getting friendly nods of encouragement from other runners and walkers around my neighborhood. The condo park is more of a retirement community (there’s a minimum age requirement to live there), so my running was a bit of a strange event for most of the people there.

Being that I’m younger than all of the residents there by at least half the average age, I received a few stares as I ran along. What I found hilarious was the complete opposite reactions I received from the men vs. the women there. The men were very friendly (nodding and waving as I ran past), while the women would stick their noses up in the air and turn away from me, acting as if they had no idea I was there (but being really obvious about it). The only time I got a different reaction from men was when they were with their wives. Obviously, they couldn’t be checking out the “hot dish” running by with their wives around.

Not that I would say I’m anywhere near Gisele Bündchen level of attractiveness, I have been known to turn a head here or there (sorry to toot my own horn). That was a while ago, though, so it was nice to have a reminder…even if it was from someone who could be friends with my grandpa. I could be wrong, but I think that’s what happens when you have a baby – you’re willing to take whatever compliment from whoever is willing to give it :)

How about you? Have you ever received any strange reactions while running?

month 5: smile baby smile

Oh my goodness, Kiddo is 5 months-old now!

As I said last month, things don’t seem to be happening overnight. However, in comparison to last month Kiddo is doing more every day! He’s working very hard on sitting by himself, but is still not quite there. He also recognizes Paul a lot more than he used to. Now, when Paul comes home from work, Kiddo gets very excited and giggles A LOT. Actually, Paul gets him to giggle so much during diaper changes I sometimes find myself jealous.

He also has gotten very loud over the past month. It used to be that we could leave him to play on his excersaucer for a while and he would be very content. That’s still true to some extent. Lately, however, he seems to know when he hasn’t received much attention and gets very LOUD. He likes to bang his phone and talk loudly until someone picks him up. [At this very moment, I am furiously trying to write as quickly as I can, because he’s sitting on my lap talking VERY LOUDLY]. I think he must be doing it when he is bored, or tired, or wet…basically all day. Oh well…

This month Kiddo also started paying more attention to the story at the library’s baby program. The first time I took him, he was only 3 or 4 weeks old, and he slept the entire time. Now he enjoys the whole program. His favorite part is the closing song, which includes some clapping, feet tapping, and hopping. I’ve also noticed that he pays more attention whenever he’s being read to. It’s very cute. At the library he sits very quietly and watches the instructor read the book, as if he’s in school. At home it’s a different story, but we can usually manage to get through one board book before he’s squirming.

Kiddo also got to try food this month! Our pediatrician said it was fine to start giving him tastes of food whenever he seems interested.  For some reason, solid foods give me a huge headache. I also refuse to try rice cereal. I guess I figure if I won’t eat it, he probably won’t either. Since the pediatrician suggested it, I felt as if bites were probably OK if we were already making something he could eat. So far he has tried avocado, bananas, oatmeal, and the lick of an apple. I think he liked avocado and bananas the best.

Lastly, we’ve started saying “Good Night” at nap time and bedtime. I go around the house with him and wave goodbye to the house and he holds up his hand to wave too. He can’t quite figure out how to make it work, but he stares at my hand, and then back to his hand, and you can just tell the wheels are in motion. He’s also become very squirmy all the time…which is actually why I will have to go right now…he’s going to squirm right off my lap!

tread lightly and don’t forget the tissues

It’s cold out again. And slippery. I don’t have a whole to say about my runs this past week. Oh, except that I ran 4 miles the other day! Otherwise, I’ve just been keeping up with training and it’s been going well (just uneventful). My 5K is coming up on Saturday, and I’m starting to look forward to running for running’s sake and taking a break from training.

I do have two things to mention. First, I’d like to thank the people who shovel their sidewalk, even when there isn’t much snow. I’ve started making a game out of running between the shoveled/un-shoveled houses, but it’s not exactly ideal. I very much appreciate when sidewalks are shoveled. I’m sure my fellow sidewalk runners feel the same. It’s dangerous out there.

Secondly, I wanted to express my appreciation to those runners I have crossed paths with these last few days. Especially when it is cold out, I get a huge boost of energy when I see other runners. The other day I did a simple 2 miles and I really wanted to stop around mile 1. I had dropped my tissue and it was cold and I just wasn’t having fun anymore. Then I saw two other runners and I was encouraged to keep going.

Anywho, that’s all for now, here’s the Kiddo!

month 4: plateau?

Happy 4 months Kiddo!

Although, there have been some new milestones reached this month, it’s hard to think we haven’t hit a plateau. Things seem to happen at a snail’s pace sometimes and it’s hard to know the exact days/times when new milestones have been hit.

For example: Kiddo definitely smiles more (especially at Paul now) and he can grab his toys and play with things. However neither of these things happened overnight, so it wasn’t as if there was an instant change.

One thing that was an instant change was rolling over. Kiddo has rolled from Tummy Time to his back. Even despite a super low camera battery, I was able to catch his second roll, and you can see it here.

Oh, another thing that changed this month was napping. At the beginning I was fine setting him in his swing to nap. However, he would never nap for very long and would be fussy all day. So I decided we’d work on napping in the crib whenever he seemed tired. After a few weeks of winging it, I finally set up a nap schedule for him that seems to have worked out well.

my week on the mill

This week I’ve been pretty busy, so I haven’t had a lot of time to do much writing. I’ve been doing most of my last few runs on the treadmill because of snow and ice. Yesterday was pretty hard because I had to go 3 miles, but I think I have figured out a way to make the treadmill more enjoyable. Normally I run too hard for the entire run, but yesterday I tried to gradually increase my speed. I started out walking for .25 miles, then increased to a light jog for .75. At 1 mile I increased to a comfortable but relatively fast speed. At mile 2 I slowed back down to a light jog for .75 miles, and walked the last .25. I think it worked out pretty well because I was tired afterwards, but my legs didn’t feel like jell-o and I felt pretty good. I think I’ll be stuck on the treadmill until the weather clears up a bit.

As far as other things keeping me busy this week, I did finish organizing the desk and have been using it everyday. It’s really nice to have a designated spot, rather than sitting on the couch. I feel so much lazier on the couch. I also reupholstered my diningroom chairs. The chairs were very nice, but the fabric was dated. Now I have a nice looking chair to sit in a the desk!

I also started going through my clothes. It’s something that’s needed to be done for a while now, but kept putting off. I decided to go through each room and take care of the things I no longer have any use for. I wasn’t too excited about going through my clothes, but I plan to consign a bunch of stuff, and I’ve already given some items to a friend of mine, so I’m happy about that.

As far as Kiddo goes, he rolled over for the first time last week! I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud (although it might be something weird to be proud of, I didn’t have a whole lot to do with it, he’s just getting bigger). Lately he’s been content to sit in his excersaucer all day and likes to chew on the sides.

Unfortunately, I’m not feeling up for running tonight. I’m disappointed because I only have to run one mile. However, I am not feeling well. I felt fine all day, but around 4:30 I started to feel very tired. I took a short nap, and hoped that would help, but it hasn’t seemed to. Tomorrow is a rest day, so I will go then, as long as I’m feeling up for it.