rain, yoga, and a good book

Today has turned out to be one of those rainy fall days that makes you want to curl up by a warm fire and read a good book. We don’t have a fireplace, so I’ve had to improvise with the Christmas tree.

I decided not to run due to the rain, so I thought we’d try baby yoga this morning instead. Unfortunately, Kiddo (my nickname for the little guy) is probably still a bit to small for it. He enjoyed watching me and loves the “Flying Baby” move, but between short attention spans and breaks for changing diapers and feedings we didn’t get much yoga in before it was nap time again. I was expecting we might not finish the routine. Hopefully we’ll get through it someday.

During his nap I was able to get some lunch. It was all leftovers, but the food was worth mentioning. Paul had made Italian soup the other night which has beans, spinach, tomatoes, Italian sausage, and I’m sure a few other delicious ingredients. That alone would have made for a great lunch, but I also added a salad. I haven’t had a really good salad in a long time, so I made a simple salad with spinach, tomatoes, red bell peppers, Greek olives, Parmesan cheese, and balsamic dressing. The dressing and the olives are the key to making any salad scrumptious. I topped the whole meal off with some chocolate soy milk. One thing I love about running, is that it gives me the excuse to drink chocolate milk. However, chocolate soy milk will have to do for now, because the Kiddo doesn’t like it when I drink cow’s milk.

Now we are sitting by the tree enjoying “Cat’s Cradle” by Kurt Vonnegut (currently, one of my favorite authors) and some Christmas music. He’s a happy little bookworm!